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Organic Worm Casting Tea for Aquaponics

FF (Fish Friendly) Organic Worm Castings for Making Worm Casting Tea! FF (Fish Friendly) Organic Worm Castings are Now Available for Sale from Portable Farms.To Order FF Mineral Rock Dust: CLICK HERE. (Ships from San Diego, California) FF Portable Farms® Worm Casting Tea – The Quick and Easy Method We suggest you purchase a simple …

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Wasabi Lettuce? In Aquaponics? YES! YES! YES!

Wasabi Lettuce by Colle and Phyllis Davis It’s NOT really called Wasabi Lettuce. That’s not the real name of this incredibly delicious, delightful, peppery and tasty green, but ‘wasabi lettuce’ is what we call it when we point it out to the people on tours at the Portable Farms’® Research and Development Center. When they are …

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Aquaponics Food Tastes so GOOD!

THESE are the Reasons WHY the Food in a Aquaponics Tastes so GOOD! – by Colle and Phyllis Davis Globally, self-sufficiency is becoming main stream in 2017 as individuals and communities unite to find ways to source affordable housing, create food and water safety, find access to quality health care, organize opportunities for living wages and find …

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