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Portable Farms® – Go Solar and OFF GRID. So, Sexy.

Portable Farms® – Go Solar and OFF GRID. So, Sexy.– By Colle and Phyllis Davis PFAS LL offers Portable Farms® Kits designed for SOLAR installations.   The PFAS LLC Research Center installation at our headquarters in Southern Florida has operated on solar power since last August and has not missed a beat. The system is 100% …

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Solar Aquaponics – The Future of Growing

Solar Aquaponics, – The Future of Growing – by Colle and Phyllis Davis Heat and light are the heart-and-soul of aquaponics after the water, plants and fish are in place. Here we have to make a couple of assumptions about your current or planned solar powered aquaponics system: 1) the constant aeration pump and the …

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