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Keep pH BELOW 7.2 in Aquaponics

Nutrient Absorption Occurs BELOW 7.2 pH – by Colle and Phyllis Davis If the pH gets too near or above 7.2 in your Portable Farms® Aquaponics System’s Fish Tank, your plants cannot absorb the nutrients in the system and creates a NUTRIENT SHUTDOWN and your plants will begin to wither, show systems of leaf curl, begin to yellow, …

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Want to Make a Chef Weak and Breathless?

Want to Make a Chef Weak and Breathless?– Colle and Phyllis Davis Do you want to know how to make an Executive Chef weak at the knees and breathless? Offer them a farm that grows an unlimited supply of fresh pesticide-free food and home-grown fish that’s near their kitchen. Then, after they wipe tears of …

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Tilapia – The Fish That Fertilize our Plants in Our Aquaponics Systems

Tilapia – The Fish That Fertilize our Plants in  Our Aquaponics Systems – by Colle and Phyllis Davis One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is concerning the fish that we use in Portable Farms®, “Why Tilapia?’” In the US, please check with your local Fish and Wildlife Department in your State and see if …

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Hot Trending Investment for 2019: COMMERCIAL AQUAPONICS

Hot Trending Investment for 2019:  COMMERCIAL AQUAPONICS – by Colle and Phyllis Davis Where can money be invested today that will give the investor a reasonable rate of return and more importantly assure a safe investment that will be long lasting and be selling product into a growing and insatiable market? Go through the list …

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Duckweed – The Food of the Future

Portable Farms

Duckweed  – The Food of the Future – by Colle and Phyllis Davis Duckweed MAY be the food of the future. Grown under ideal conditions, duckweed ranges between 25% and 45% protein and doubles its growth every 36 hours, and OUR TILAPIA love to eat it. We do not profess to be experts at growing …

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Vertical Growing in Aquaponics

Vertical Growing in Aquaponics – by Colle and Phyllis Davis TRELLIS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS AT BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE. Every inch of space in an aquaponics tray is high-value ‘real estate’ for growing food. Unlike ‘dirt gardens,’ there’s no room for plants to spread their luscious leaves, vines and blossoms across a large area as they mature …

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Basil is a High-Value Crop for Aquaponics

Basil PatioPonics Portable Farm

Phyllis Davis harvesting fresh delicious basil from Portable Farms Aquaponics System Basil – A High-Value Crop for Aquaponics by Colle and Phyllis Davis Basil is enjoyed as a fresh-leaf herb on meats and vegetables, prepared in sauces such as pesto, or dried and used in many recipes in cultures throughout the world. Basil grows well …

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Feeding a Family of Five with a Portable Farm in 125 sq ft

Feeding  a Family of Five with a Portable Farm in 125 sq ft by Colle and Phyllis Davis How much food does a family of five consume in a year? Starting with USDA data for a healthy diet and accepting that most carbohydrates will come from grains and root crops, the table vegetables for one …

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Smokers Trasmit Virus in Portable Farms

Tobacco Mosaic Virus – by Colle and Phyllis Davis Tomato mosaic virus cause yellowing and stunting of tomato plants and cuts yield production. The effects of tobacco mosaic virus on a tomato plant. NO SMOKING ALLOWED IN THE GREENHOUSE. AND NO SMOKERS ALLOWED IN THE GREENHOUSE WHO HAVE BEEN SMOKING OUTSIDE THE GREENHOUSE. NO VAPING …

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Cucumbers Are BIG MONEY When Grown in Portable Farms

PatioPonics Portable Farm Cucumbers Harvested February 9, 2012

Cucumbers Are BIG MONEY When Grown in Portable Farms® by Colle and Phyllis Davis Cucumbers are delicious in salads, as a side dish garnished with vinegar and spices, as part of a refreshing addition to a relish tray or even sliced and served on a sandwich! The cucumber has long been known as a summer …

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