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Portable Farms® – Go Solar and OFF GRID. So, Sexy.

Portable Farms® – Go Solar and OFF GRID. So, Sexy. – By Colle and Phyllis Davis   PFAS LLC is now offering their Portable Farms® Kits designed for SOLAR installations. The PFAS LLC Research Center installation at our headquarters in Southern Florida has been operating on solar power since last August and has not missed …

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Survival Farms and Gardens

Survival Farms and Gardens – by Colle and Phyllis Davis For most people, having a built-in cushion of almost anything provides a really great feeling of comfort. The topic of ‘food security’ for families is in the news today especially in cold climates where fresh food must be imported up to eight months per year …

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Teach Your Daughter Aquaponics

TEACH YOUR DAUGHTER AQUAPONICS – by Colle and Phyllis Davis Besides all the love and attention you currently lavish on her, what else can you teach this joyful addition to your life  – – this legacy to your genes, to insure her health and survival? Can you do anything differently than your parents did for …

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