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Vertical Growing in Aquaponics

Vertical Growing in Aquaponics– by Colle and Phyllis Davis TRELLIS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS  IN THIS POST. Every inch of space in an aquaponics tray is high-value ‘real estate’ for growing food. Unlike ‘dirt gardens,’ there’s no room for plants to spread their luscious leaves, vines and blossoms across a large area as they mature to produce food. …

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NO! Aquaponics Food DOES NOT ‘Taste Fishy!’

NO! Aquaponics Food DOES NOT ‘Taste Fishy!’ – by Colle and Phyllis Davis Each time we are asked, “Does aquaponic’s food ‘tastes fishy?’” we are tempted to say, “Do the vegetables you buy at the supermarket, or at the farmers market taste like cow manure?” Here’s how Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems utilize fish waste to …

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Growing Fruit Trees or Blueberries in Aquaponics

How to Grow Fruit Trees or Blueberries in Aquaponics  – by Colle and Phyllis Davis  Here are the main parameters that need to be addressed when considering raising fruit trees with aquaponics: Pollination. Bees do not do well at all inside buildings. Hand pollination is time consuming and expensive. Which fruit(s) should you raise? What market …

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