Sitting is the New Smoking

“Sitting Is the New Smoking”
Wealth Equals Health & Health Equals Wealth 

By Colle and Phyllis Davis

The truly wealthy (those in the US with over US$3million in liquid assets) list their number one priority as their personal health.

Our questions to you are:

  • What is your life worth?
  • Where do you want to put your money?
  • When do you want to start?

Health is ranked above family and retirement in every survey of the wealthy. This top priority is shared by 98% of all wealthy people! Plus they put their money where their mouth is, both literally and figuratively. They spend their money on improving and maintaining their health at a much higher level than those wish less money or incentives.

“A U.S. Trust survey of 640 high-net-worth adults with investable assets of $3 million or more reveals money takes a third-place priority in the lives of the rich. Health is number one. Family comes second.” – Rich People Don’t Value Money Above Everything by Hal M. Bundrick – June 5, 2015

Ok. Maybe you don’t need to have a personal masseur or visit $5,000 a week health spas to become healthy, but eating well, avoiding stress, stopping smoking, saying no to drugs and investing in a few health-focused machines (mentioned below) are well advised because then you can add them into your life and lifestyle without much inconvenience or sacrifice.

Even those people with less means who focus on their health are investing in their current and future health. The ‘health’ craze seem to be spreading. The ‘organic food’ movement and the fight against GMO’s are both public acknowledgements of the awareness that health is our number one priority if we are to live long and prosper. The heavy focus on exercise and wellness in the media is driving people to examine the importance of their health and how it impacts everything in their lives.

The mantra the media loves to use is Sitting is the New Smoking. Obesity will soon be the number one cause of cancer surpassing smoking as the big killer of people.

Colle working at his new standing desk and walking on treadmill underfoot while working.

Colle working at his new standing desk and walking on treadmill underfoot while working.

The flip side of this movement is the unrelenting push by the advertisers and their friends in the media to get people to eat more of the cheap and not so cheap junk food that is fatty with a high salt content and loaded with sugar products and then convince them to buy supplements and exercise equipment to take off the weight. The junk food diet is also heavily supported by big pharma because they sell the snake oil products that reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, take the weight off and sooth anxiety that accomplished the poor health.

The wealthy, who can choose what they want to eat and what they want to do with their lives are also interestingly, healthier than the general population. They are the patrons of the stores and establishment which offer them the best food available, regardless of the price. They are discerning customers and are willing to pay top money for their food that supports their health and that of their family.

How is it possible for the common person with average means to enhance their lives with the same tools as the wealthy? Grow or at least buy as much locally grown, pesticide-free food as possible and exercise at the same level as the wealthy even if they can purchase the proper equipment and have to improvise.

Phyllis Davis' new standing desk with treadmill underfoot.

Phyllis Davis’ new standing desk with treadmill underfoot.

Eating the best food, walking whenever possible, simplifying your life and accumulating enough assets to weather any disruption is the formula for longterm success and it enhances the chances that your genes will survive into the future.

Colle Davis on his high-tech recumbent bike.

Colle Davis on his high-tech recumbent bike.

Putting these lesson and statistics into a personal and workable prospective and on a personal note we, Phyllis and Colle Davis, have done the following to invest in our health: Our lives now include a very swanky rowing machine (now a pre-breakfast habit), standing desks with treadmills underfoot for both of us (this article was written while walking at 1.4mph)! For those who are new to our lives, two Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems only steps from our kitchen. We also attend yoga classes three times per week; we each have state-of-the art recumbent bikes, trekking sticks, a sail boat and fishing poles. We now have to schedule time to sit down and eat. LOL.

Our swanky new rowing machine.

Our swanky new rowing machine.


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