Sustainability for Displaced Persons & Asylum Seekers

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PRESS RELEASE: September 14, 2015: PFAS LLC has officially submitted a 40-page Special Report to the Leaders of the United Nations and the European Union. 
– A Sustainable Solution: A Locally Grown Food & Jobs Creation Program (LGF-JCP) – Created to Feed and Create Jobs for Displaced Persons and Asylum Seekers

– Urban-Focused Food Hyper-Production with Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems (utility patent application filed 12/23/2014) – Investment range US$250,000 to US$50,000,000 – Local Semi-skilled Labor Jobs Created under each Funded Program

The goal of the Locally Grown Food & Jobs Creation Program (LGF-JCP) is to establish a decentralized, distributed food-production system based on current practices for aquaponics. The break-even point on the commercial facilities is reached very quickly and with an ongoing demand for high-quality, local grown, pesticide-free food, this food production program can weather most problems and downturns.

PFAS LLC is one of the only companies in the world offering a successful commercial aquaponics system with patent pending technology with assembly and operations trainings.

The PFAS LLC Locally Grown Food & Jobs Creation Program (LGF-JCP) is focused on two very different and closely related problems facing the world today:

The need to produce high quality, locally grown, pesticide-free food, and,

To create new jobs for semi-skilled workers.

Implementing a decentralized food production system using cutting edge hyper-productive food growing methods is the key to a successful project resulting in sustainable installations that also generate a very respectable ROI for the donors or investors (excluding land costs).

By selling a large portion of the vegetables and fish to the general public that are grown in Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems (PFAS), a major portion of the food production system can become self-sustaining in order to pay for ongoing costs of operation, salaries, seeds and seed supplies, fish and fish food, utilities and ancillary costs associated with maintenance. Selling all of the food grown in Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems (PFAS) offers donors or investors a three to five year ROI depending on the crops grown and the prices they receive.

Using proprietary Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems (PFAS) technology and design, each 2.5m2 (25 square feet) of grow space can feed one adult all of their table vegetables, except for root vegetables (potatoes, yams, onions and carrots, etc.) year round and once up to full production about 20% of their protein requirement, forever. These people will also need some other starches/carbohydrates in their diets such as ‘field crops’ as wheat, potatoes, soy, corn or rice. These starchy foods are generally available and less expensive than table vegetables. 

  • Create immediate jobs and food for displaced persons or asylum seekers
  • Permanent full-time jobs and year round food production in three months in greenhouses or warehouse
  • Humanitarian efforts that pay both dividends and profits
  • Pesticide free food, table vegetables and fish, raised in simple yet revolutionary new technology that replicates nature
  • Ideal for semi-skilled women or men operators and trained in less than a week
  • Installation can be solar powered
  • Total sustainability can be achieved by selling most of the food production to local markets.

In addition to growing high quality, pesticide-free, locally grown food, this program is specifically designed to create jobs in each farm location.  After the initial installation, each additional 1,000m2 (100′ x 100′) installation creates three permanent full-time job and leads to the creation of additional indirect jobs in support services, supplies and ancillary work including areas related to maintenance and utilities, food packaging, fish processing, community relations and marketing, personnel oversight, bookkeeping and security.

Point of contact:

Colle Davis, Inventor, Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems


Director of Aquaponics University

PFAS LLC is a Virginia based company in the USA


Skype: portfarmer

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