The Cost to Build a Backyard ‘Home’ Aquaponics System

The Cost to Build a Backyard ‘Home’ Aquaponics System
– by Colle and Phyllis Davis


What will my installation cost me?”

The larger the aquaponics system you build, the better the investment it is because you’re growing more food and saving on food costs at your local market. It’s a true but sad fact that a very small backyard aquaponics system is not the best ‘financial investment,’ but you WILL have a year round supply of the freshest, best tasting and most nutritious food you can buy.

Please note: IT’S THE GREENHOUSE THAT IS EXPENSIVE and NOT the aquaponics technology or building materials. 

According to the Craftsman National Building Cost Estimator program, the pricing on a greenhouse measuring 12′ x 12′ would be around $3587, or $25 per square foot. If you want to find someone to give you a quote in your area in the US: CLICK HERE. By adding in all the other components for building a Portable Farms Aquaponics System (training – with includes your Portable Farms Kit and other materials) the cost is about $35 per square foot.




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  1. Antonella

    I live in Pennsylvania and in my property (12 acres) Is also a creek!
    Can I used to do acquaponic blocking the water to raise a fish with fresh water?

    1. portfarms


      You will have to use fresh water because plants do not like salt water. The aquaponics systems do much better in a climatically adapted structure, think greenhouse. Raising fish in a pond works, but it is not aquaponics.


  2. Debby Bennett

    I would like to set one of these up indoors and also outdoors in the mountains of British Columbia Canada. What am I going to need for power/ wattage etc. and what will I need for grow lights. I heard of low temp grow lights that don’t use a lot of electricity…what would they mean by that type of light…do you know what they are called. tks for starters!!! GREAT IDEA>>>TKS FOR ALL THE YEARS IT TOOK TO GET IT OFF THE GROUND!!!

    1. portfarms
  3. Andy

    Hello I am interesting in having your Kit. So I have two questions. Is the Aquaponics University Course available in Slovenia (Europe) ? How long does it take from starting you course to receiving your PFAS Kit In Slovenia? Thank you for your answers.

    Your future student.


    1. portfarms


      The Aquaponics University is available in Slovenia. The AU Course is a self-paced correspondences course and most people complete it is about a month. Once you satisfactorily complete the course work, we will ship you the PFAS Kit. You will have to pay the shipping (approximately $185) cost because shipping is not covered outside the US and you will be responsible for any customs due.

      We trust this helps and we look forward to having you as a student.

      Colle Davis – Inventor

  4. Agustin Parra

    Hello. Is the Aquaponics University Course and kit available for Venezuela?

    1. portfarms


      Yes. You will have to pay shipping and any customs on the PFAS Kit.

      Colle Davis – Inventor

  5. Ravi

    Is this kit / course available in India? How does one do the course from here? Do you have an online version? Tx

    1. portfarms


      The Aquaponics University Course is available in India. The AU Course is a self-paced email correspondence course. You will have to pay for the shipping of the PFAS Kit to India and any customs or tariffs that your country may impose.

      We look forward to having you as a student.

      Colle Davis – Inventor

  6. Emmally

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to get these systems in Sweden? How would I go about it?

    Kind regards,


    1. portfarms


      Yes, the Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems is available in Sweden. You start the process by taking the Aquaponics University Course which includes the PFAS Technology Kit. That way you will become competent in the technology before your PFAS Kit arrives and then you can finish your PFAS installation and have it operational in a matter of days. You need a climatically adapted structure and in Sweden that may mean inside a building and you definitely will need grow lights no matter where you place the PFAS.

      We look forward to working with you as a student. Talk soon.

      Colle Davis – Inventor

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