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FF (Fish Friendly) Mineral Rock Dust in Aquaponics for Blooming Plants

PFAS LLC is making available our new product, FF (Fish Friendly) Mineral Rock Dust that enhances the health of your plants and your fish and adds the trace elements vital to your system for encouraging healthy green plants and prompts your blooming plants to continually blossom in your aquaponics system!

FF (Fish Friendly) Mineral Rock Dust. It looks like chocolate talc.
It’s very light and powdery.

(Photo above shows FF Mineral Rock Dust spilling out of a salt shaker onto a dinner plate)

To Order FF Mineral Rock Dust: CLICK HERE. (Ships from San Diego, California)

FF Mineral Rock Dust provides aquaponics growers the perfect balance of many trace elements not consistently available from just plain ordinary fish poop. Now you can grow consistently blooming plants with the addition of FF Mineral Rock Dust, as your plants and your fish poop will now contain adequate levels of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, just to mention four of the vital elements for successful growing in aquaponics.

To view YouTube Video of demonstration of FF Mineral Rock Dust in aquaponics: CLICK HERE.

The use of FF Mineral Rock Dust keeps you from playing the ‘chemical numbers game’ and constantly guessing whether you’re doing it correctly.

  • Question: What trace elements should I use to solve a variety of growing and blossoming issues in aquaponics?
  • Answer: Calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium


  • Question: How much FF Mineral Rock Dust should I add to my aquaponics system?
  • Answer: We recommend one pound per 200 square feet of growing space.


  • Question: Is it safe for my fish?
  • Answer: YES, if used as directed in the instructions sheet that accompanies the FF Mineral Rock Dust.


  • Question: How often should I use the FF Mineral Rock Dust in my aquaponics systems?
  • Answer:

Sprinkle FF Mineral Rock Dust on your growing medium and wet with water before planting your seed.

When the plant has grown 1.5” to 2” (and becomes a seedling), simply sprinkle the FF Mineral Rock Dust on the area and wet with water in your Grow Tray prior to planting the new seedling.

Sprinkle the FF Mineral Rock Dust again on the base of any plant that stays in the Grow Tray for 60 days (for example, tomatoes, etc.) and wet with water. 

  • Question: What is the cost of the FF Mineral Rock Dust? Is it affordable?
  • Answer: YES, It is extremely affordable. A minimum order is a 5 pound bag is $29.95 (plus applicable taxes) plus shipping. Again, we recommend using one pound per 200 feet of grow space in an aquaponics system.

To view YouTube Video of demonstration of FF Mineral Rock Dust in aquaponics: CLICK HERE.

FF Mineral Rock Dust is easy to apply and it’s very affordable for both backyard farms and commercial aquaponics growing.

  • FF Mineral Rock Dust does NOT contain nitrogen which is already being generously supplied by the fish waste from the fish in your fish tank(s) so the combination of the freshly produced nitrogen from the fish waste and the many macro and micro mineral elements in the FF Mineral Rock Dust provides the perfect combination for growing healthy plants in aquaponics systems.
  • The FF Mineral Rock Dust that we recommend is an amendment or addition to a system that is safe and effective to use in all types of aquaponics systems (medium base or raft systems). The pristine mineral product is used by Certified Organic Growers and is 100% Natural. These minerals are vital to growing both green plants and blooming plants in every stage of growth: Seed planting, root development, plant growth, plant health and plant blossoming. The use of this FF Mineral Rock Dust produces plants that are healthy during every stage of growth and development. This product is also environmentally friendly and does not pollute nor does it ‘burn’ plants.

One of the expressions we use frequently regarding planting in our Portable Farms Aquaponics Systems is, “If a plant has a ‘happy childhood,’ it will grow to be a healthy plant.” And it’s so true. If you take care of every stage of planting your seed, growing a seedling and placing it into your Grow Tray, you have a far better chance of growing a healthy plant. If any step of this process during ‘childhood’ is neglected, you will be disappointed with your growing efforts.

Below is the ordering information for FF Mineral Rock Dust. Please note minimal order size for shipping outside the US.

To Order FF Mineral Rock Dust: CLICK HERE. (Ships from San Diego, California)


Product Name



FF – MRD 105 FF Mineral Rock Dust for Aquaponics

5 lbs.


FF – MRD 110 FF Mineral Rock Dust for Aquaponics

10 lbs.


FF – MRD 150 FF Mineral Rock Dust for Aquaponics

50 lbs.


FF – MRD 2200 FF Mineral Rock Dust for Aquaponics Export Minimum Order outside US is 2200 lb./1000kg   tote

Call for more information about price and shipping   costs



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  1. sai chaitanya

    Hi I have seen ur videos on aquaponics I would like to implement in our yard.
    I want to know the process ,maintainance and the cost of the form to implement and its maintainance cost .
    Please let me know the details if it.

    1. portfarms


      Take the Aquaponics University Portable Farms Aquaponics Systems Course©, it contains all of that information.


  2. Jonathan

    If we’re starting off in Cyprus, with 2-4 modules to begin with, what’s the most economic way to get FF Dust and Worm Castings sent to us, please?

    1. portfarms

      Hello Jonathan: Congratulations on your new aquaponics systems. I regret we cannot ship the FF Dust and Worm Castings for less than 2200 lbs because of long and tedious customs issues on the US side and the Cyprus side which also involves the Agricultural Departments of both countries. – Phyllis Davis

  3. Hasti McAlley

    Does the mineral rock dust include iron?

    1. portfarms

      Yes. The Mineral Rock Dust contains 1.74% Iron (FE). – Phyllis Davis – Co-Inventor

  4. Jimmy

    I hope portable farms are telling the truth about their products..there is so much misinformation on the net and most all the equipment and plumbing products are overpriced especially the plastic grow beds and the so called information books..I have ordered your rock dust when I get it and find out that I can get the same stuff locally for half the price. I will be so disappointed in you! If that be so your $2500.00 course might also be overpriced. I hope you will continue to build my confidence up in your company!

    Yours for fairness,

    Jimmy Huddleston

    1. portfarms

      Portable Farms Aquaponics Systems are guaranteed to work as described.

      There are NOT enough trace minerals in aquaponics to grow blooming vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, etc.). Fish waste provides enough trace elements to grow lettuce and a few greens, but not blooming plants. We import FF (Fish Friendly) Mineral Rock Dust from Europe and we have added it the gravel in the grow trays and it provides MORE blossoms and IMPROVED flavor for all blooming plants and enhances the SIZE and flavor of all your green plants. Lack of sufficient trace elements in fish waste is one of the key reasons aquaponics has been slow to commercialize. Fish waste alone does NOT produce ENOUGH iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium to raise blooming plants that continually produce ongoing blossoms for growing certain varieties of blooming plants in aquaponics. READ MORE HERE: http://portablefarms.com/2012/ff-mineral-rock-dust

      If you can find another fish friendly mineral rock dust, then please purchase it and try it in your own aquaponics system and see if it’s safe for your fish. The FF Mineral Rock Dust we use and recommend is mined from a single mountain in Europe and we order it and have it shipped by sea/tanker to the US and to our global Portable Farms customers. It contains the proper levels of trace minerals so that it’s safe for the fish in our systems. Not all mineral rock dusts have this safety factor. We’ve experimented with many other mineral rock dusts and we are confident that this one is SAFE for our customers or we wouldn’t recommend it. – Phyllis Davis, Co-Inventor, Portable Farms Aquaponics Systems

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